Choosing a Baby Car Seat and Stroller Combo Correct

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baby car seat and stroller combo

In this article we will share the importance of wearing a seat special for children and baby, or better known as the car seat, when driving in the car. Laws in different countries require every car driver to ensure every child is a toddler sitting in the seat the baby.

Actually, not just because of strict laws, but it is sitting in the car seat is safe for babies and children. For that you need a baby car seat and stroller combo. Price seat baby not expensive because the safety of the baby is more expensive. Therefore, you don’t think about the Price of a seat of the baby, but think of safety and how to select it as the following.

First to note is the car seat used there should be a label that states have approved and meet safety standards. Note the year of manufacture when buying a car seat either new or used. Age car seat it is better to not more than 6 years. The back seat is the safest place to put the car seat Avoid putting in the front seats, especially on a vehicle that has the water bag, because it can cause injury due to the pressure exerted when the accident occurred.

Choose an infant seat in accordance with the age, weight and length of infants/children in order to provide maximum protection. Capsule baby stable support for your head and is suitable for newborns up to the age of a few months.

Car seat of this type can be worn up to the baby’s weight reached 16 kg, but the most comfortable to wear up to the weight of the baby reaches 9 kg. It also really depends on the brand and manufacturer. So it is good to read the fine manual, especially the information about the weight of the baby are recommended.

If the capsule of the baby just for facing backwards the car seat can be converted into forward facing. The car seat is also more economical because it can be worn longer. For mere information, price capsule, baby is also quite expensive. Car seat suitable for newborn up to the weight of 36 kg. As mentioned earlier, can be worn facing the back or the front.

Facing backward? This very much depends on the weight and height of the baby. The reference room is facing the back it would be good for up to 2 years or lower limbs the baby is already uncomfortable with such a position. Already flexed and can’t stay stick on the wall behind the car seat.

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That’s how a good way to choose a baby car seat and stroller combo correctly in accordance with the safety of the pieces the heart of his beloved. So do not let one choose for you the mothers, Below you a few examples to be reference material.

You can get this tool via Ebay Walmart, Amazon and other sites that can be trusted for all your transactions. Remember children’s safety is more important than a price!!!

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