Convertible Car Seat for Girl

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convertible car seat for girl

At a glance, it looks like it’s not hard travelling with babies use car. Many parents still think a baby that small in stature is quite safe in the lap and cuddles. In fact, this way is not safe. The reason? When the accident occurred, the beat loud can make the baby’s body wedged the body of an adult who held him, or even catapulted into the future. Seat belts are not designed for the body of a child can pose a risk of the baby choking.

For the safety of the baby while traveling by car, use the car seat. Convertible car seat for girl,  In addition to safe because it is specially designed so as not to stick permanently to the car, put the baby in the car seat will exercise independence of the baby because he will learn to sit alone in the car.

You can see the convertible car seat for girl below. You can also further by reading tips on the use of car seats.

britax convertible car seat girl

convertible car seat for a girl

Convertible Car Seat for Girl

evenflo convertible car seat girl

graco convertible car seat girl

Based on the type, the car seat is divided into three types, namely (1) infant car seat for baby age 0-1 years, with a maximum weight of 10 kg that is designed to be rotated up to 45 degrees, (2) toddler car seat designed for toddlers ages 1-4 years with a body weight between 10-20 kg, as well as (3) young child car seat, which can be used for children ages 4-8 years with a body weight more than 20 kg. Convertible car seat for girl, Read and understand the instructions for use of the car seat, save the instructions for use in the car, and do the following when using a car seat:

1. Check the child’s weight

There is a type of car seat that can withstand weight up to 9 kg and is usually reserved for the baby. There is also that can hold the weight up to 18 kg and can be used up to toddlers. Do not force if the car seat looks narrow when it is used or if the child’s head exceeds the top of the car seat. It means that the car seat has been already outgrown.

2. Pairs correctly

Make sure the car seat attached in the car seat and not shift as far as 1 inch. Attach the seat belt properly. Make sure the belt reads ‘click’ when locking and check how it works at least once in two weeks.

3. Put it in the back seat

There is a car that designed to remove the air bag during a crash. This is dangerous for the baby when the car seat installed in the front seat because the baby is so difficult to breathe when the air bag inflates. Therefore, always place the car seat in the back seat.

4. Face baby in the back of the

Put the baby in the rear until he was a year old or has a weight of 9 kg so part of the head, cervical vertebrae, and the spine of the baby is protected if an accident occurs. Children over one year of age or has a body weight of 9-18 kg can sit facing the front so that the available space for his legs to bend.

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Don’t be too eager to switch from a car seat to booster seat or extra seating, which heightens the sitting position the child so that he can use standard seat belts safely and comfortably. Booster seat can be used when the child was eight years old or has a height of 1.45 meters. Convertible car seat for girl, The use of a booster seat too early can be at risk of suffocating due to seat belts not fitting through the shoulders and stomach of the child.

So, do You still hesitate to wear car seat aka baby seat in the car?

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